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February 4, 2013
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Female AC2 Costume Nearly Done by DragonLadyCels Female AC2 Costume Nearly Done by DragonLadyCels
More progress for AnimeBoston. Got most of the coat tacked together today, still working on the sleeves (I've pinned one on, but still have to stitch it into place). After that, Time to make it all over again for the second outfit!

This was drafted using an old saddleseat vest I had as a base pattern. It's made with white knit canvas, red linen, white chiffon, pleather, brown microfiber, ribbon, and smoothcast 400. The jacket and sash took about a little less than ten hours. The caplet and pauldron took close to four hours. The belt took about two with an extra few days to cast and set the belt buckle. I've also made (but not pictured) a pair of greaves and a pleather bracer.

The coat is fully lined as well, to be a little more comfortable and to give the jacket a nicer weight balance to the skirt pieces. This thing is quite heavy but much more durable than I anticipated.

EDIT: Also, is it kinda sad that my tumblr post of this has gotten way more attention than D.A? Guess we know where the traffic is now.

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khelledros Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
DAyum gurl that looks mega sweet!
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